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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 7, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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baltimooe is urning. first oo the 5 alarm fire eruptú on the block. >> girls trying to get dressed in the street, i mean running across the street with butt naked. in mount vernon..3 >> that's the 100 firefighters >> how this double firr started your morning commute.3 a lot more high-tech. the new technology that helped cops catch tees of thhusands of bad guys at a time.
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good morning, it's tuesday, december 7th. two 5 her alarm fires in baltimore. we are bringing you live team coverage of the situation all morning long. megan gilliland is live on the still there trying to put out some hotspots. joel d smith is live at mount vernon where the fire started3 out there. ú%lot for firefiihters to handle. we're going to get to them in just a few minutes..3 we need to get to meteooologist steve fertig and the weather is3 not necessarily helpingg3 firefighters. ú%%-the winds 5-15 miles per ho. that is not helpful trying to put out aafire, a fire of that magnitude and it's gusting to 35 miles per hour. >> so it's spreading. >> just putting it out is going it's going to be cold and windy today certainly compared ta what we are dealing in the city.ú
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you won't have to deal with a whole lot just the cold. 28 in saliibury aad hagerstown att24 degrees, you are looking at sky watch hd radar where it's moving a few flurries trying to mike sure way to garrett's county. it will be cold and winny for the rest of us. the question is what will this low pressure center do that is coming out of the plain by the end of the week. will it be a rain maker or a snow maker? we will take a look at that in a minute. cold ann combiied and mild for the weekend. again that potential for snow. again, we will talk about thht in a few minutes as i said, but right now andace dold has something to tell you about and3 that is the traffic edge. steve.orter: thank you, we're talking about the breaking nees in baltimore this morning and mount vernon, a 5-alarm fire started round 1:30 this morning. let's tick a live look at the scene and check in. youucan see all of the smoke up %-tryyto fight this blaze but
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unfortunately it's causing major issues. of course for the irefighterss3 and area residents and for traffic as well. as for right now, you're taking a look on chaalessstreet. you will find clossres, in st. paul street. you can use tte jfx instead. we're dealing with the investigation from yesterday's 5 alarm fire and while that shuts down baltimore treet between and commerce street are also blocked n the area. lexington avvnue and gifford avenue are the better options for th the alternate routts. it's going to be a mess, if you can avoid the area altogether. as for main lines, outer loop lanes of the bellwayyare in the green. %-53 milessper hour.nutes to and then around the benddfrom 795 down toward 95, aaooay there, 111minutes, 54 mmles per hour. -hat's a look at your morning
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travels, patrice, back over to blame. breaking news out of mount firefighters are on the scene of a majorr5 alarm fire there, jus3 %-ripped through the block. fire joel dflt smith i d smith is li3 vernon with the latest. good morning, oel. >> reporter: good morning, patricee some the firefighters that aree3 working behinddus right now are ú%e same ones that were on the fire yesterday fternoon and evening on the block. right now we're seeing flames shootout of the roof at 802 north charles street. it's been going on for four fishily -initially
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-- we just met uu with the maameaner whmanager who heard ad himself. i turned the corner and i was in disbelief. a tough day for him. he is thankful nobody was hurt. spot in all of this.he bright you see a lot of wind here. the possibility of to beat this and stop it frommspreading. you see the flames come up. yoo will thinkk will it spreadd3 to the next building. it's not aa issue at this pointú
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that's wwy the firefighters is at issue up in a cherry picker making sure thi it's not going o happen. as for injuries, nothing major, definitely nobooy that was inside that needed to be evacuated, but we're talking -bout two minor injuries to firefightersment one with an injury and somebody with chest pains and not ust the wind is %-cold.ging here but also the ú%'s freezing, when you have the somewhere. very slippery conditions here. the guys are used to working at it, someeof them going at two, 5-alarm blazes. joel dfl d smith. you can see from the video we have here how massive the firr was. firefighters have been working on thaa since yesteeday afternoon shutting down that part of the city for hours.
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this morning rews are still up theee, making sure there's no flare-ups. megan guuld lan gilliland is lie latest on how all of that is >> right now the block is still shutdown. as you look behind me, still pplice officer ight side monitoring this building makings especially with the magnitude of thhs fire. so far we haveenot seen any flames since 7:00 last night. all of this justt completely charred building and debris left all ooer theestreet ere. amazinnly this is a much better team than we saw yesterday. take a will be attthe flames jump the roof of the 3 story buulding at northeast baltimore at holiday street. when crews arrived before 4:00 yesterday afternoon, it was too dangerous for firefighters to go inside. attacking from the outside.
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meanwhile, the people on tte insiie on the block, a lot of strip clubs came running out. >> all of a sudden we saw a bunch of people running out he building half nnked aad within bad. >> girls trying tt get dressed in the street. ú%ey were running across the street butt naked trying to get tteir cloohes on running out the doors. you know smoke was everywhere. >> reporter: that smoke could be seen all across baltimore. many of you were able to get a great look at what exactly what was going oonhere. look at his one. he was in an office tower next to the blaze. you can see firecrews watching huge flames shooting up into the sky. we soofd a bunc received a puncs from you. amazingly no one hurt in this fire. of course, investigators will be back here trying to figure out what caused all of this. downtown megan gilliland.
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fox 45 morning news. if you see breaking news, we want you to see it, shooting it send it up. up load the videos on and photos directly to our website. you can send photos from your cell phone to pics at and you can see a a lot more of our fire video online, go to and click on raw news. a fire at a cockeysville condd complex leaves 11 families fire officials say that fire started around 5:00 yesterday morning on warren lodge court. officials say the fire spread quickly because of strong winds. they say the roof on one building was completely burned. ú%e resident barbara riley who lived there for 15 years, she is now left with no home. p> somebody was pounding on myú ddor, yelling, fire, fire. >> reporter: then what >> i just went and got my son and my dog. >> no one was hurt.
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the cause of the fire is still unknown. news just into our newsroom. arrested wik leak founder julian assange after an international han hunt. he was wanted in role to rape charges. thii came after two days after his website revealed a quarter of a million secret diplomatic documents. assange is expected to appear in court later today. police say it happened at wood park laae at 7:30 yesterday morning. cliftoo f was rushed to shock %-no arrests have been made and police say they don't know of any motive. elizabeth edwards battle with breast cancer takes a turn for he worst.
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- source close to the family ú%ys the ife of former vice president shall candidate john edwards only has weeks to live. her faaily is at her side atther north carolina home.ú edwards is 61 years old. that would extend the bbsh erae tax cuts and unemployment benefitt.ú -he bipartissn agreement was worked out monday in exchange wealthiest americans gopor the lawmakers aageed to extend jobless benefits for another 13 months. the president acknowledged that there are elements of the plan ú% opposites, but he says it was necessary to compromise for the public good. >> not willing to let working faailies across this country become collateral damagee >> there's no word on when legislation will actually make it to congress. we want though wwat you think. should the bush err tax cuts and unemployment benefits be extended? that's our question of the day. we will take your calls in the 7:00 hour. you can also go to and tell us %-through facebook.ound off
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send us a tweet at fox baltimore or ou can text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes, or fox 45b for no. a high-tech camera system to help police bust crimiials, that's what police in west virginia are using to helppcatch bad guys on the run. it's called the mp8900 and it uses infr infrared technology td the licenses of cars in all directions. three cameras placed in the back with the police databbse. the role to work faster than a pollce officer can in on a laptop. the device can run 10,000 ppates it's the largest -- how a case involving wal-mart could have a ripple effect on cases to come. and i'm meteorologist emily gracey, there's know falling in
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western maryland ñç
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garrett county as you see. we could see our firss measurable snow of the season here n baltimore this weekend. meteorologist emily gracey is liie no north baltimore with more on what we can expect and maryland's history when it comes
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to snoo fall in december. emilyy,we know what hhppened last december aad we would likk to not have a repeat of that if we can helppit. >> the chances of that aae vvry we do have snow falling in western maryland. garrett county is under a winter storm warning. 1-2 feet of snow before this is all over. we have seen a few flurries but the brunt of the snow is outt3 west. they have seen the snow pile up. it's been affecting the roadways anand it's been turning in the cold air for us and turning in the snow for western maayland. this is pretty rare for this time of year. typically we don't see this much snow fall..3 ú%winter months, though it's not quite winter yet, but snow fall in maryland is possible this ú%me of year. in fact, we typically see over four inches of snow in marylaad3 in decembee. and we have seen some december aa well. in fact, the top three snow
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storms of december have occurred over he past century, 9.5 inches in 9904 1904. and we saw 17 inches in december last yyar. -nd snow poosibility in december aivment snowstorstorm coming tha possibiiity but it doesn't lookú like it could be a 17-inch snowstorm. right. >> it could be the possibility3 depending on the tracking.3 thanks emily. ww're looking at low pressure moving rom the central art of the state. this is what emily is referring to thhs possibbe weather maker that coold be tracking either to theeinside track of maryland orú could be actuallyycoming p the coast. if it comes up the coastt thhn what we're looking at is different scenario. again, thh wo tracks with it does come further inland. we're talking about just plaai rain, but if it is coming long the easternnseaboard, then we're %-snow fall here and we will hae
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to watch to see which one ii is. it could be a mixture of both. so the tracking of that system, whether it comes inland a little %-eastern seaboard it will make the difference as to what we will get. we do lock to get something out of this system coming our way. rye out in thingg are quiet a dry scan out there. %-moving into garrett ccunty as3 emily was talking up to new york llke-effect snow ttere as well. ú% far as the winter storm warning emily rrferred to that in gar let county. that goes to todayyat 7:00 a.m. again it could be fluuries moving into the central parr don't be surprised if you don't no accumulation expectedú however. the colddair toddy and tomorrow3 but also this high pressure center because if it oes sit wherr i'' showing it to you now ú% may help to steer the low
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pressure centee north aaddtake the track. it does appear to be doong. that is someehing that will be bringing uu more in the way of rain. ú-change.atch beeause things ccn 29 egrees issthh temperature right now, it's cold, the meantime 28 degrees in salisbury and 22 in hager town. winds are a factor once again. 10-15-mile a-mile-an-hour windsf thhewest r higher. that wwll make for a chilly aa. though eere at 27 in thh -astern shore. central part of the maryland geeting up to 366degrees. that is at 2:00 in the affernoon and also the 15-25-mile-an-hour wind usting to 35. back to the est here we do havv the best chhnce of seeing garrett county.specially towwrd 32 degrees oward garrett county %-15-25-mile-an-houu winds will make t feel 5-20 elsewhere. - old, windy night, and
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tomorrow 35 degrees, noo quite as windy just breezy withha 15-20-mile-an-hour wind. 36 on thursday, and then we see3 more seasonable temperatures, it cools down. monday'sshigh only 37. here is a look at what is haapening on tte roadways. ú%re is candace dold with the traffic edge. that system. >> repooter: that's true. we need to watchhand weeneed to talk of what we need to watch in baltimoree breakknnws ut f mount vernon. there's a 5-alarm fire.ú wake-uu.independen incredible su it's developing as we speak. all of the crews and it's blocking severaa roads. right now you took a live look along charles street. that is completely shutdown between monumenn and reid street and monument along cathedral and st. pauu. you can use the jfx or franklin ssreet instead.
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of course officials are urging you to avoii tte area if at all3 possible. we're dealing with the investigation from yesterday's 5 alarm ire and wwile that does shutdownnbaltimore street right3 between south and gay street.3 holiday street, commerce, now we did just get word that fayette also blocked. it's going to be an absolute night necessary downtown. ssreet, but just allow yourself tra stim!!yourextra timeeif you. at 335 it's going to be an easy drive on the orthbound and southbound lanes, we're in excellent shape. 95 taking a near ounttin road, here it is,,it's oing to be traffic, is fllwing freely,,3 noothbound and ssuthbound lanes down toward the beltway. -hat's a look t the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. >coming up firefighterr3 battling to put out flames from a fire that comes just ours
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after another major ffre. the latest on theirests coming up ext. the debate ovee extenningú the debate ovee extenningú push era tax [ whistles ] hi. four pounds of coffee, please. have a great day. [ sighs ] this'll do it. holiday cheer runs on dunkin' coffee. get 4 pounds for just $19.99, only at dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts. get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'. we arr continuing to follow breaking news this morning out
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of mmunt vernon. fireeighters on the scene of a fadge omajor 5-alarm fire. another -alarm fire rips through the blocc.3 firefighters haven't been able to catch a break, joel.ú ú% eporter: a lot of these becauue ttey had a longú ú%e way their shift works, they3 caught the backkend of the othe3 one and they aaght the front street and you can seeeup top, the fire is till coming througg the roof here. they're saying that is started ii the lower leveel here maabe at donna's cafe or thai restaurant anddspread up through the building and at the topp started workkng on the inside and gave up and had to come on the outside. as ou an see, a lot of flames still on too of this. wayyat the other end ou see
6:25 am
they're keeping an eee to make sure this won't jump to the neet building..3 they don't think it will..3 wind that is fueling this fire. a lot of icy conditions because this water all comes down when it's all up there, it has to go somewhere. it comes down to he ground and it's freezing. slippery cooditions, two minor injuries to tell you about. a knee injury to a firefighter and a lso a firefighter both taken o a local hospital and both exxected to be okay. it could be a long morning after %-shift for the firefighters of baltimore city. live in mount vernon, joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. busy night.ú commng up extenning tax benefits for the unemployed. who the president wants o exclude frommthat groups? -nd take your movie watching expeeience to a whole new level. a look at whicc blu-ray players show yoo the most action withoot breaki ú%
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> welcome back to fox 45úú% 6:32 is the time. you're taking a live look thhre in the mount vernon area where firefighters are still on the scene tryiig to put out a 5-alarm fire. yesterday another 5 alarm fiieú in downtown baltimore kept them ann this fiie has kept them going weel inno the overnight hours and now this mmrning. we are goinggto checkkin with3 joel smith to check more on ú%e information. we haveeschool closings to pass along to you.
6:33 am
hood college is closed becauss3 of a water main break and all of -he garrett county schools are closed because of the now out there iinweetern maryllnd. %-about it.hat that time f yes hhre and you're even talking about some snow ccose to our area in the possible near -uture. flurries but no accumulation. the significant snow fall for he rest of us and haais deeends on the tracking of a low pressure center thattis off the coast. >> when you say significant? >> several inches coulddbe, if it comes up the coast and act as a nor'easser, but right now it3 looks like it's taking theú%inne plain rain. %-comfortably becauseethings may we want you to e aware of possibilities. d.c. is the same, and baltimore aad so it's cold ough!! aal over
6:34 am
it's obviously cold o matter whhre you go this morniig. you see lake-effect snow trying to move into the upper west and thattis why we have the wiiter ú%orm warning in place thhs3 ú%rning as well. it will be a colddone, and a bit ú%ndiee, making ittffel chillier. instead. we do need to find out what t'3 like on the roadways aa we head out this morning. candaae. >> reporter: thann you, news into ourrnewsroom.3 a 5-alarm fire in mount vernoonú regionn a orrific sight. there'' aaloss oad crews and there's a lot of road closures, reid street anddalong madison street, that is going to be if this isn't bad enouuh, we are dealing with the investigation3
6:35 am
of yesterday's 5-alarm fire. that completely shuts down %-officials are trying o avoid the area if you can. that's a llok at he morning -ravels. patrice, back over to you. e are following that breakinn nnessout of mount vernon..3 thhre has been noorest for thh ccty fire department overnight. scene of aa5--larm blaze in mount vernon and his comes just hours after another -alarm fire ripped through the block downtown. joel d smith is liveein mount vvrnon wwthhthe latest f what is happening downnthere. that looks like a ery active scenn still. >> reporter: definite leet, pattiic. we're talking about almoot 5ú thattthis is first in we're still seeing decent amount of flamessrooting through the roof. we have had the crews working
6:36 am
from tte outside in the lastú couple of hhurs. when it happened, they were inside and trying to knock it they wanted to be safer comingg3 donna's cav cafe is llcated on e -ottom floor along to with a thai restaurantt not a ause right noo but they think it started in the lower floors. -e have viddo from earlier too. ú%morning.ed at 1:30 in the a aathough the of people hat came here to fighh this fire were on the same shift as ending thh othhr fire, the big 5-alarm fire on the blockk they used and then they had to come on the otherwise.3 seeing fueled in lot of %-what this is like compared tos the other ones they were %->> we certainly are in -- as
6:37 am
well. conditions whiih fuel the ffie as well. so it has presented a bit of a challenge, but one good thinn is that our firefighters are built they are up foor he challenge and we're expecting to be here >> reporter: and they'ree3 more hours, given the scenario. you can stilllsee flames shooting through occasionally. that big orange glow in the sky and see all of ttat water. it has to go someehere. sliipery onditions for thed and firefighters on theeground, too3 they have been working. a lot of guys on both aa5-alarm firess -alk about injuries, only two a kneeeinjury to one and chest pains to the other. they are called minor injuries. and luckily no one was inside and they're not' voo not evacuae adjacent buildings. this is contained to the same
6:38 am
buildings on charles street. as we haae been telling you this mount vernon comes after through baltimore. you can see the flames shooting from a building inneast baltimore on hall di!! holiday . this morning the firefighters are still out there making sure there's no flare. megan gilliland is live with all %-coold afffct bbsiness downtow. be affecting business is traffic take a look behind me the block is still shutdoon. police were out here all ight monntoring to see ii there would be ny flare up inside f this building. there'ssbeen not any flames since 7:00 last night but still the area issshutdown. they're worried about the building. you an see a lot of debris on the sidewalk. they're going to checc to ake ssre that it's safe in this rea and try to make sure that people can pass through. this is a much better scene than we saw yesterday. take a look at this building, actually went p in flames
6:39 am
jumping from the roof oo a 3 hoff for se33story building. wwenncrrws rrived bbfore 4400 yesterday afternoon, it was too dangerous foo fireffghters to go inside. -hey used ladders and cranes ú%uringgwater on the buiiding anddattacking it from outside. mmantime, people inside these builddngs came running out. some f them strippers, half clothed. soon fire and smoke forced the evacuations of two city buildings including the add gaatent -- adjacen add! adjaceng %-people that might be inside. >> the sky wassto far and so black likeethat. >> reporter: and that smoke could be seen all across bbltimore. -aay of you ere able to get a greek look at what wa!!get a gr. ú%e was able to seeeacross from the ire.
6:40 am
get thissblaze under take a look at thhs one that -ortez sent in..3 %-that the billowing smoke oot f block. that smoke is going ot this3 aalot of debrrs, thrrugh all of cause f the fire is still nner ú%vestiiation. we're live downtown this morning. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning3 ú%ws inside ii you see breaking shoot it send it, up load videos to our website. clicc on the see it, shoot it send it icon. you can seed photts to thhougg yoorrcell phone at pics at and clicc on two fireeighters areehurt lawn. officiils say flames broke out in a home unddr onstruction and two firefighters felllthrough -he floor while trring to put
6:41 am
them oot. -inor injuries,,the other was just shake not uu a bit. investiiation. n ovee heated pipe is to universityystudentt. 23-yeaa-old van cold berg of frrstburg and a, l isa salazar were in an apartment fire. calls to 911 saying they were trapped in the building.ú the new prince george'sú countyyexecutive is cleaning houue. -ess than an hour after taking office monday, baker fired thh heads of the olicc and fire garment and several otherr-- department and seveerl otheer3 county iedges. he stepped inno the job promising change in the wake of a corruption scandal that rocked the county. jack johnson was charged on ú%rruption charges.
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it is 6:44 on tuesday morning. not seeing a whole lot of activity on the sky watch hd %-that is moving into new yyrk d pennsylvania and parts ofú maryland, into the western most -art f garrett county.ú there's a chance for more activity there. winter storm ccntinues through 7:00 p.m. tonight for garrett
6:45 am
low pressure cenner by thh end of the week stirring fuuther inland or coming up the coast. if it comes nlann, we're ú%oks like it's leaning toward. however, if tte track is further %-the possibility ofnd it has strengthennng,,then we could have a significcnt snow event for sunday anddlater into monday. other than that, what e're looking is a coll, windy day withhthe northwest flow. with temperatures starting offy in 28 degrres in baltimore and the same for d.c. down in salisbuuy, 28 degrees there, and oakllnd issonly windd are around 15-20 mills per hour out of the west but gusting upwards of 25-30 miles per hour and it's making it feel like temperatures are 8 degrees below ú%ro in oakland and only 14 in balttmore. everybody feeling the chill this morning. it's deeinitely going to be cold as you head out..3
6:46 am
we will get up to 27 degrees for the high in the eaatern shore, but the 5-25-mile opinion or wind, gussinggto 35 will make it feel like 20s and the same for the central part of the state where we will get up to 36 egrees and mostly cloudy ú%ies. bacc to the west, a chance of snow ssowers especially in the ú%steen extreme part of the state gusting to 40 there and 22 overnight tonight, a old windy nighh at 15-22-mile an wind, makiiggit feel like it'ssin the teens or even ingle digits once again. 35 degrees with most low cloudy to partty cloudy skies and then3 it ssays chilly througg thursday in the mid-30ssand then back into the 40s onnfriday and %-sunday again the iffy day whether we see a rain, snow or a mix oo both. oveenight a chance of both s the temperatures drop, 3 37 for the high onnmonday. now for a look attthat is haapening on the roadways, candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: steve, we continue to talk about the %-crewssare fighting a 5 alarm
6:47 am
fire on mouut vernon and it %-will you find road closures along charles street between monument and reid street. cathedral st. louis are allú blocked as a result of this one. that's the one area that is the problem. the other area is aloog baltimore street and that is investigate the 5-alarm fire from yesterday. so as for right now, baltimore street is blocked between south ann gay street.3 road closures along holiday, commerce, fayette and guilford avenuee there's a complete list of everything that you need to %-it's on the bottom of your screen onnthe morning news ticker. %-main lines, starting tooslowhe through whitemarsh, we're at 44 miles pee hour. let's tack a live look at the back over to you.y road. thank you, candace. %-frro home.dn't hit ooofar you're taking a look at pictures ttat were sent in by our viewer.
6:48 am
they were in western maryland. wwat crews are doing to prepare -or the worse. and two major fires rip through the baltimore area. we will continue to bring you the late =ó ú%
6:49 am
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picture quality. the good news is every blu-raa rated excellent. from this one that sells for 4 undz to this samsung which costs $140 ann low cost players can ú%ckkplenty of features, like a usb port, and internet capability which allows you to access movies online iffyou pay -or a service such as netflix or neework wire wirelessly. secondd it takes until the first screen appears. ú% this one is only 9 seconds, but some tookkas s long as ttrerchh if a 3d t.v. is in your future consumer reports representtthe $240, bdc, with built in wi-fi. >> rrght now there's not a lot of 3-d content, but all of these
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play 3-d and rrgulaa dvds aad you will be set to go should you decide that you waat to buy a 3-d .v. >> this samsung ddc, 5500 is a good choice and it s a coosumer report best buy at $144.3 this is james andrews. %-tragic daa., remembering a how survivors are remembering thh pearl harbbr attacks on today's anniversary. and crewssbattling toopuu out flames and hotspots at two differenn locatioos. we willlbring you the latest
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new this morning, more than 120 survivors of the pearl -arbor attack will come together %-lives on loss.emember the
6:55 am
near the harbor where the uss arizooa wws sunk. near 33250!!nearly 2500 lives wt %>> almost it looks like a ii's not, it's more than a game for ans at usc, verses the ucll foot gal!!football game. -ight broke out at this taillate before the game started. it all started when they thrrw 3 football that hit a mercedes benz belonging to fans of the other team. the hospital with sttb wounds in the scuffle. it is an early winttr for are raving the cold nd the 4-letter word, the snow. this picture thht she took near ski resort.
6:56 am
enougg snow came to cover the ground, and the snowwthat is near the resoot, but tte rest of us don't necessarily want it. we are continuing to follow3 %-verron this morning.ount fiiefighters arr still on the scene of major 5-alarm fire there. %-5-alarm fire that ipped throh the block downtown. joel d smith is live at mount vernon with the latest on what is going on out there. good morning joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, a lot of folks that were at the 5-alarm fire at the block are still here as well ú%ghting the active fire. the top of 802 charles street, still big flames coming out there at various points a a lot of water coming out of there. just making it last a lot longer than they really wanted to. it starttd at 1:30 in the morning. %-floor is where donna's cafe ad
6:57 am
a thai rurn!3 thai restaurant was..3 they think they going to be here for a number of more hours..3 two small injuriee to tell yyo, a knee injuryyand one of the firefighhers complained offchest ppins. they think they're going to be okay. ooe of the adjacent buildinns, and they will be maintained at charles ssreett still a mess ann a 5-alarm ffre here in the city. back to you. joel, coming up filling up your wallet. a new gas tax will have you paying more at the tank. and baltimore, burnt chill, i'm megan gilliland, the after mact of this 55allrm
6:58 am
lightning fast. lightning strong.
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now on fox fry morninngnews. baltimore is burningg first the 5 alarm fire erupts on the block. >> girls running across the street butt naked. now a 5-alarm fire is blazing in mount vernon. how this double fire trouble started and how it's going to and xtending tax cuts, how a pending agreement could affect your wallet.
7:01 am
it's tuesday, december 7th. i'm patrice harris. two major 5-alarm fires rip through balttmore. one consumes the block, the other still going oonrrght now in mounn vernon. we are bringgng you live team coverage of the situation all morning long. megan gilllland is live on the %-fire started yesterday.uh that they're trying to manage some of -he hotspots. vernon with a fire that brokes t out there and garrett county schools are closed because oo the snow that they got out there at westeen maryland. now we need to check in with meteorologgst steve fertig and see if any of that snow is headed our way. garrett county could see more as
7:02 am
it saw yesterray, about a half a that. %-flurry around the mason-dixon3 line, just a hintt >> thhre were fluuries this weekend. there may be more this week, and a hint of what mmy be toocome. >> we will talk more about that in a bit. right now it's cold out there ann it's windy which is not going to help them fighting the -ires with 15--mile-an-hour winds and gusting higher. 24 in haaerstown, 28 in salisbury, 10 degrees in oakland and you see the winds around 15-20 miles per hour now and oft ging upwards of maybe, 25 to 30-mile pee hour. the wind gust cculd get stronger. meanwhile, lake-effect snow3 moving into garrett county with the help of the up slope there. elsewhere, a couple of flurries afternoon. cold nd 53 he degrees at the bus stop. 33 degrees by noon and then 34 at 6:00 p.m. after topping at around 36 by about 2:00 thhs afternoon.
7:03 am
let's see what is happening on the roadways righh now wiih candace dold. she is here with the traffic edge. candace. roads. charles street is completely shutdown between monumenttand reid street. you will find road closures along madison, reid and cathedral ann st. aul. we're also dealing with the investigation froo yesterddy's 5-alarm fire and that case is completely shutting down quite a few roads as well. and ggy, commerce and fayette, and guilford avenue, there's a complete list of everything you need to know at the bottom of the screen on the morning news ticker. as for what is hhppening on southbound 95, from whitemarsh down towwrd the beetway, we're 4 minutes at 48 milee per hour.
7:04 am
it goes down to 46 niles per hoor with a 13-minute ride, and from 795 down towardd95, 13 minutes at 49 mills per hour there. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. we are continuing to follow that breaking news out of mouut vernon. fire fight ersz are on thers arf a 5-alarm fire. this comes hours after another major 5-largalarm fire ripped through the scene. >> rrporter: a lot of these firefighters that are heee right now were at the other 5 5-alarm blaze. finished with a big one thatatt3 doesn't happen that ofttn in the city. hours later you are fighting another one. a lot oo water beinn thrown on this roof as flames are coming through, every 10 to 15 mmnuues.
7:05 am
they have been putting fire on top of this, every 5-6 at this point. it'' bben too dangerouu in there aad they brought everybody out. it happened at 1:30 in the -ooninn. it's 802 charles street on the lower level donna's cafe, a thai restaarant there as well. they didn't have to evacuate anyone, because this was happening overnight at 1:30. then they figured that the adjacent buildings were going t3 be safe as well becauseettey think it's contained pretty well. i haven't seen fire come out in that's he good news buttbeing3 fueled in the last few inutes by the wen wind that is coming that came up from below having a lot of air to work ith. it's dangerous conditions because it's very cold..3 a llt of water on the ground. no matter who you talk to, peoppe are surprised and impressed with what ttey're seeing. >> we certainly are intent as
7:06 am
well. we have the heavy windy conditions which fuel the fire3 as well. so it has presented a bit of a challenge, but one good thing is that our firefighterr are buill tough. they are up for the challenge and we are xpeccing to be here for a few more hours. >> reporter: you can see on top right now, some firefighters are on the adjacenn building. thhy are checkinn things out, making sure this is not spreading. -hey have not evacuated anybody from the other buildings, thinking it's a safe scenario. in the last few minutes, e are not seeing any flames coming out. we are thinking it's a safe scenario. the new shift coming out. the guys working on this 5-alarm blaze, were on the othee 5-alarm and luckily nobody was hurt. a few minor injuries, juss minor. nobody had to by vacked becauseú of a dang -- eeacuated because of a dangerous situation inside. two firefighters had to be taken
7:07 am
to the hospital, one with a knee injury and the other one with chest pains. you never know when this could spark up again. we have seen a lot of flames and thee are thinking the lean up will take another two hours. joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. this mount vernon fire comes thhough downtown. look at the flames and you can see how massive it was. crews have been working on that scene at east bbltimore hutting hours.hat part of the city for crews are still there this our, making sure there are o flare-ups. of the latest on how it could affect business downtown today. good morning, megan. no audio. we're going to get back to megan in a few minutes. the new prince george'' county executive is cleaning house less than an hour after taking office
7:08 am
on monday, baker fired the heads of the policc and fire deeartments and several ther county agencies. baker stepped into the jjb promising change in the wake of a corruption scandal that rocked the county. outgoing county executive jack johnson was indicted oo corruption charges. both he and hisswife leslie were arrested as part of an fbi sting. there's a deal on the table that could extend the bush era tax uts and unemployment benefits. the bipartisan agreement worked out on monday in exchange for keeping tax breaks for the wealthiest americans. gop lawmakers agreed to eetend jobless benefiis for another 13ú months. the president acknowledges there's elements to the plann3 neccssary to compromise for the public good. families across the country become collateral damage. >> there's no word on when the legislation will make it to
7:09 am
congress. but it brings us to tte question of the day, should the bush era tax cuts and unemployment benefits be extended? -e will take your call later this hour. ú%u can go to and let us know what you think or sound off through facebook, or send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 445203. fox 45a for yes, or fox 45b for no. and i'm meteorologist emily gracey. we're waking up to blustery conditions and snow is
7:10 am
7:11 am
happening in garrett, but we could see our first measurable snow of the seeson here in baltimore this weekend. meteorologist emily gracey is3
7:12 am
live no north baltimore with more on what we can expect. and what is maryland's history when it comes to snow fall here in december. suddenly i got amnesia on llst december. >> people are asking me, are we going to see nother repeat of last year. the chancessare slim, although snow falling in western %-conditions out there, becausee have seen anywhere from at least six inches of snow in sooe locations and they're expecting 1-2 feet before it's all said and done. still in effect ffom garrettng county. that has been dow downgraded frm the blizzard warning that we had later. they aree eeing bbtter conditiins. they won't see an an end to this at least in another day or so. take a look at where we sat last week. it was a record-breaking. i want to show you what we %-this december e do see snow fall anywhere, 4 inches, just above 4 inches of snow fall forú the month.
7:13 am
we did see 17-inches last december, so a record-breaking yeer. as you can see it's put the city on a halt, in fact a lot of snow last winter all across the winter. we are looking at a possible snowstorm coming up this weekend. certainly nothing compared to what we saw last year, or even with that 17 inches. we coulddsee a little bit of accumuuating snow, right, steve. p>> that's true. -t depends with thht rek. we talk about the track oo the system. that will determine whether or not we get ain around here or whether we get a mix of rain and snow or snow itself. this is when it depends on. the track comes further inland. then we're talking about rain because we're on the wwrmer side of that system. if it comms up the coast and it feeds more moisture in and we're on the coollr side on the backside of that system and it's moreein the way of snow or obviously between the trek can %-we will be watching that very questioner carefully as we get toward sunday later in the day
7:14 am
especially and overnight into monday as well. that undeeermined yet, but it does look like it's leaning toward the rain track. we wiil be seeing whether or not that does pan out. of course, we do not you to get too relaxed about it, because that ould turn into a major system, if it takes that coastal direction. it will be moving more sew to thso to themountains and we wile emily was indicating wherr until 7:00 p.m. tonight. additional snow fall as she said as much as 1-2 feet in foalt. the mountains keeping it from getting too far to the easttand here is what we have, a couple of flurries with a northwesterly flow keeping us cold, nevertheless and with winds also making it feel even chill letter. it will feel like 20s even though we will get into the 30s. the high pressure center key in determining whether or not this low pressure center makes its way toward us on the inside tractoo whether it comes up the
7:15 am
coast. the high pressure sinks if it sits there where you see it, will steer it further inland and that is typical. 28 the temperature in bbltimore. 28 in salisbury and 24 in 10 degrees in oakland and the winds are making it feel chillier with 10-15-mile-an-hour winds it's going to make it feel colder. 25-30 miles per hour gusts out there and it will get gustier this afternoon. 15 is what it feels in baltimore. down in salisbury, 18 and hagerstown down 5 below zeroois what it feels like. the eastern shore with winds gusting up to 35, partly cloudy skies tt the east but mostly cloudy here in the central part of the state. temppratures should climb to 36 degrees and the winds will ggt up too15-35 and gust to 35. back to the west, we look for temperattres tt get uppto 32 there. agaii the extreme western part of the area where we're seeing
7:16 am
more snow 0s for the highs. clear skies and the clear skies will make it feel rather cold, especially with the winds up around 16-25 miles er hour, it's going to make it feel like single digits. 35 tomorrow and look for 36 on thursday with more sunshine than we see earlier and then 40s are back in tte forecast for friday, saturday and sunday with some rainshowers more likely maybe overnight we will get a little bit of ssow as the temperatures cool down, 37 for monday. now here is can disas dold with -h-- candacedold with the traff. >> reporter: well, thank you, steve, we are talking about the3 breaking news in baltimore this morning in mount vernon. you can see all of the crews -emaining on the scene, the lights and we thank the firefighters for their efforts. unnortunately for commuters it'' going to be a headache in baltimore. right now madison, reid,
7:17 am
cathedral and eggert are dealing with road closures. if this isn't enough, we have to deal with the investigation from yesterday'ss5-alarm fire and that is completely shutting down baltimore street, holiday, commerce and guilford avenue as a result. officials are urging you to avoid the area altogether if you possibly can this morning. as for what it looks like out on the main lines it's starting to slow downright now. in fact, 24 miles perrhour traveling on 95 near the beltway. let's take a live look at 95 scooting through whitemarsh and the southbound lanes. we're picking up some volume there. pretty much the same deaa on the northbound stretch, at least no significant issues at whitemarsh as of yet. ú%at's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. still ahead extending unemployment benefits, how a plan worked out on monday will help thousandd of marylanders. >and baltimore on fire. a second 5-alarm fire breaks out in the city. when firefighters could finally
7:18 am
put out the flames. wiki leaa founder julian assange is in police custody buñ
7:19 am
7:20 am
new this morning, crews are fiihting to put out flames in a 5-alaam fire in mount vernon. officials say the fire started at 1:30 this morning. no word yetton how it started. more than 120 survivors of the pearl harbor attack will come together later today to remember the lives lost. an event will be held at the site near the harbor where the nearly 2500 jobs were lost on december 1941. the man accused of killing his wife during a honeymoon has
7:21 am
returned to alabama. his ife died in october of 2003, while the couple was scuba diving in australia. he served 18 months forú -anslauuhter there before being sent back to the u.s. prosecutors say he came up with the plan to kill hisswife while in alabama. arrested wikileak founder july an assange after an international manhunt. he was has noted for rape and molestation charges. his charges came two days after his website revvaled a quarter of a million diplommtic documents. assange is scheduled to appear in court later today. saadra endoe has the latest on that arrest. >> reporter: certainly, london police made that arrest earlier today and july a july je is expected to aapear in court 38 ter today and it's because of
7:22 am
a swedish arrest warrant. the wikileak founder and it's unrelated to the controversial half a million classified u.s. documents on his websste. clearly that has created a controversy and a fire storm of controversy here in the states and across the globe. but these allegations are based in sweden, they are sex crimes and assange hill sel himself dee allegationn saying that this is just a campaign to scare him, patrrce. >> sandra, yeah. he thinks that this is all because of what he has leaked on wickwikileaks nothhng related te rape charges? >> absolutely. and the 39 years old will be appearing in court later today have 21 days to decide if he faceethose swwden to
7:23 am
keep in mind this is just questioning that the swedish police want to undergo wwth assange ut clearly there are no actual charges pressed as of right now. this is just an arrest warrant %-probably face these allegatios and be released on bail. >> all right. sandra, it will be interesting to see what impact if any, this has on his web. thank you so much. morning news, a problem with the new 100-dollar bill, why production has been halted. next 13 more months of jobless benef
7:24 am
7:25 am
people depending on unemployment benefits to gett3 through thh holiday scene withh3
7:26 am
breathe a sigh of relief. the president announced an ú%tension of jobless benefits for 13 months for 2 million americans who were about to los3 it. 15,000 of those people were here in marylaad. we are joined this morning, and3 i suppose we have you to thank for this? >> no, but we at the city council did -- we know that all real progress starts locally in neighborhoods and cities. >> you inttoduced the resolution? >> we approveddit? and we approved it at the city counnil, together, lee's go andour act coincidentally, beeore our meeeing wa before, the news came across that there had beennan agreement made and the benefits3 ú%uld be extended. so we cheered, because w have so many people here in baltimore and in maryland who would have lost all of their benefits before, you know, the end of this holiday season.
7:27 am
there's though celebrating when that is going oo. >> absolutely not. talk abouu the people, about 44,000 marylanders who would lose it by the end of the year or next year. even beyond that people, theee's an impact for our economy. >> the extension of unemployment benefits is rated by nonpartisan sources, congressional budget office is the single-most effective way to generate economic development. so that -- because when you're getting unemployment benefits, eepecially extended benefits. time.ave been out of work a long you are spending those benefits right in the marketplace,,so thhy reinvolve into the economy immediately. you are not putting it away ii a rainy day. it's raining. >> so it's great that thereewas the eetension, but beyond hat,
7:28 am
we have to get the people back to work. >> we have to bet the jobs. >> what is next. >> and i think that one off things that is going to happen is that extending hese benefits will help the 76 economy right away. i think that the state of maryland, the governor and the the president of the united states say, hey, put tax breaas possible with small businesses which areethe largest employers of people in the united states. let really get down to the main street and local businesses with 60-plus employees and let's give all of the benefits you can to help get that -- thooe jobs back going. >> councilwoman, we appreciate knowing that you guys are working toward that? >> well,, >> everyone else. >> yeah. >> well, coming up, gas prices are now on the rise. is the gas tax not far behind?
7:29 am
>> two state delegates weigh in on theeincreased revenue. and baltimore behind meú buuns. i'm megan gilliland. the aftermath of [ female announcer ] safeway talks the main course. mmm. you smell that? yeah, wait. what is that? love. smells like ham. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life.
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> 7:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. two major 5 alarm fires rip through the baltimore. the other is still going on right now in mount vernon. weere bringing you live team coverage of the situation all morning. megan gilliland is live on the block where irefighters are still orkiig making sureú there's no hotspots and hat fire was yysterday. joel d smith is live in mount verron with the latest on the fire that erupted there overnight. we will ggt to them in a couple of minutes. we doowant to pass along school closings. hood college is closed thii morning because of a watermain break. garrett county schools are closed because they have snow in western maryland. wwll we get any of that snow %-meteorologist steve fertig is here and can i pay you to say no? >> yes, you can, actually, it
7:32 am
won't affect anything, but you can certainly feel free. >> i tried. >> in ga garrett county don't tl them that wiiter starts tto weeks from today because it's started there. they will have upwards of 2 feet before it's all said and done. we have cold and windy conditions. here is what we're starting with in your area. take a look a28 degrees ii baltimore, toward the eastern shore, you're at 28 degrees, and up toward hagerstown, 24. yyu can bet that everywhere in between we're in the 20s and it feels like teens n most locations becauue of the winds that are up around 15-25-mile back to the west a best chhnce of seeing snow today but you coull ee flurries around the mason-dixon line. it will be windy and cold today but we're keeping an ye on our next weather maker that has the potential for snow and a significant amount for sunday. or it mayybe just plain rain. there's watching as it takes its path towaad the northeast. cold and windy ttmorrow, mild and 40s for the weekenddbut ww
7:33 am
will wwtch the potential snow let's not et our guard own. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: steve, we continue toofollow the breaking news and it's all becaase of fire in mounttvernon this morning. ú%t's take a live look at he you can see the smoke just continuing to spilllout of that %-unfortunately, all of that activity is going to affecttthe morning commute. center and eggert street, youu3 will find madison street, reid as well.ú there's the investigation from yesterday's 5 alarm fire and while thha comes along with several road closures, baltimore street, that shhtdown between south and gay, nd also holiday commerce, faye anddguilford re as far assthe main lines, the southbound lanes of 95 traveling ú% baltimore, the fort henry tunnel, 8 minutes at 64 mills -er hour.
7:34 am
36 miles per hour. the outer llop lanes, 14 minutes at 43 miles per hour there. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to yoo. we are ontinuing to follow breaking news out of mount ú%rnon. there has been no rest for the city fire department overnight. firefighters are now on the scene of a 5-alarm blaze in mount vernon. now the latest fire comes just hours after another 5-alarm fire -ipped through the block downtown. joel d smith is live at mount vernon with the latest n what is going on there this morning. and still so much actiiity. jurors this is good activity. we are ttlking about3 firefighters who were in the middll of the fire-alarm fire on the block and they were sttll on overnight whennit one happened. chhnging over.ose guys are very tired folks but they did an
7:35 am
amazing job. it's not over yet. we're at 802 and it's connected to 804, and still they're top of the building as the fire came from the lower floors and %-we are talking about doona's ú%fe and a thai restaurant. we don't know where it sttrted but it could have been in one of those places and shot up through fishily wheinitially whee the ct here they tried to work it from inside. it got too hot in there.ú they eventually pulled the crews out for their safety and they have been pouring a lot f waaer on this. time. they don't have a causs then, but they dd think it's contained. it won't go to the ad!! gassentt builtings. remember this is he same shift that the fire was fueled by a ú%t of wind so they had to fight
7:36 am
this for a long time. for the folkss they are going home now and as for the people ú%at work at places like donna's %-changing.could be life >> i turned tte corner and i see the flames shooting in the air. i was justtin disbelief. >> reporter: that guy, a manager at donna's cafe. heesays he has worked there for 13 years. of course, he doesn't know what the future holds. as it's been a touuh one to fight, they are finally getting it under control. i have not seee flames on the outside for a while. they're still pouring a lot of water on this. intensity thhre musting onnthe inside. we are talking about how cld it is, the conditions arr dangerous street. because of thht water up from above has to goosomewhere. it runs all over anddit freezes. icy condiiions and we haae seen some people fall down. even people cooing out of their buildings taking a look around, not careful, they hit the dirt as well.
7:37 am
no major injuries to talk about. twoofiiefighters go to the hhspital, one of a knee injury and anotherrbecause of chest pains they were ffeling. we are told both of those people are expected to be okay. be done. hotspots. reis notly the flames we saw -- recently the flames we saw were a half an hour ago. joel d ssith, fox 45 morning neww. that mount vernon fireecomes after another fire ripped through downtown baltimore. the flames ere shooting from a -uilding in northeastthollday. crews ere working on that scene this morning they're still there making sureethere's no flare-ups. megan gilliland with how all of this is going o affect businesses downtown today.ú >> reporter: good morning, megan. certainly going to affeet anyone coming down this area.ú right now the block is still shutdown this morning. you can see officers lockingg3 off the roads just a little bit3 ago, we did see firefighters exiting the building that caught fire yesterray.
7:38 am
ú% know they arr lookkng for3 ú%rtunately we have ot ssen flames since definite laat night. ú%brrs all over the road here here than we saw yesterday.e take a look at this video. flames jumplin!! jumping from tf a 3 story building n holiday street. when crews arrived jst before 4:00, it was too dangerous for firefighters to go inside. ú%ey used ladders, and cranes pouring water on the building and attacking from outside. meantime, people inside of these buildings came running out.3 clothed. soon fire and smoke forced evacuations of two city buildings including the adjacent buildling that hooses the firr >> i was really confused. i don't know if it was our buildiig or the building behind us. i'm concerned, obviously, foo
7:39 am
any people that might be nside. >> we saw the sky was so black. >> reporter: and that smoke, that could be seen all aaross baltimore. great look at what was going on down here. kitty sent this photo in. she works across the street here ffom her indow. you can see firecrews tryyng to get that blaze unddr control, ú%ally a mayin amazing there. this shot is of firefighttrs %-smoke up the block -ortunately no one hurt in this plays, and innestigators will be back on the scene trying to figure out what caused of this. for now reporting live downtown, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 morring news. there'' a deal on theetable that would extend the ush era tax cuts and unemploymentt3 benefits. the biiartisan !agreement wasú wooked out on monday. in exchange for keeping the taxú breaks for the wealthiest americans gop agreed to extend the jobless benefitt for 13 months. the ppesident acknowlldges
7:40 am
there's elements. plan he opposites but it was necessary to compromise for the public good. question of the day, should thed unemployment tax benefits be -xtended? oor phone lines are open now at (410)481-4545. you can go to and tell us what you think or sound off through facebook.3 you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to for no.ox 45a for yes oo fox 45b a productionnproblem forces the government to stop makiig the new $100 ill. a 3-d security strip and cclor stripping technology to prevent counterfeiting. some of the bills havv malfunctioning causing the paper to folddover during produution. more than 1 bbllioo of the new they're all unusable. coming up, will the governor be forced to go back on their
7:41 am
promiss to not raise taxes? a gas tax could be in line foo an increase. 5-alarm fire in mount vernon %-mmny roads are blockeddin the area. firefighters on the scene of this as we speak. traffic headaches here anddalso3 in other place inside baltimore. i w
7:42 am
[ music playing, children talking ] nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts. get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'.
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welwelcome back. 7:43. as we check the hd raid, that will be accompanied by snow flakes. by today there will be a foot or two on with had the he offthe -p
7:44 am
of the higher elevations.the la3 ahead of lake erie. do not bb surprised if you see rest of us. that maa not be the case for the rest of the week as we talk about the chance of snow making an aapearance for sunday later in the day and into monday. more on that in a second but first the winter storm warning. elsewhere we're going to keep an eye here on the low pressure center and moving toward us. an inside track meaas more in the way offrain.ú we will be more in the sector if that occurs. like a nor'easter then we could see more snow, even two weeks before that arrives. by tten we will be a few wweks away from winter.ú it could be a mix between the two. ú%ght now it looks to to be morr of a rain event. ww will keep an eye on t, because certainly that can track further east. it if does, it can strengthen off the coast. meanwhile the northwest flow
7:45 am
keeps us cold and windy oday. it will feel like temperaturrs arr in the 20sseven ttough we certainly not warm enougg alone going to be playing a role with -egard o whether or not that low pressure center moves inside as i said, bringing s mooe rain or toothe inside along the coast it coull be bringing us more snow.3 high pressure steerssfurrher inland and meannmore in the way of rain. 28 degrees right now in and up in hagerstown 24 degrees and out towaad oakland 10 degrees there. with winds up to 15-20 miles per hour outtof the west and gusting toward 5 to 30 miles per hour. it's going to feel instead like temperatures are in the teens. aa you see 16 in ballimore, minus 16 in oakland. for the high emperature in the %-37-degree high, but again it will feel like 20s with the 15-way to-miie-an-houu wind andú guuting higher. the western part of the state,
7:46 am
the winds gusting to 35 will %-looking to high of 35 degrees with more snow. overnighh 22 degrees and cold and windy. tomorrow 35 deggees and 36 on thursday staying chilly. the winds diminish some. saturdayyand sunday aa ell and at night when we get the best chance of snow wiih the cooler temperatures, 37 degrees on ú%oday and drying out. get somettinn with regard toll rain or snow thhn. let's see what is happeninn on3 the roadways with andace dold. she has the trrc traffii edge. >> reporter: steve, we continue to follow the breaking news out of mount vernon. crews remain on the scene of a fire alaam fire. we can show you what the arra looks like. unfortunately it's been a horrific see the this morning. flames there, finally now down to smoke, but obviously still causing traffic headaches through the area. charles street completeey blockeddbetween center and eggert street. reid streett cathedral andt,
7:47 am
eating eate!!eggert street as w. that is wwere you will find roaú closures. fire.e still looking at the hhliday, commeece, fayette and guilford avenue. this area. as foo the jfx we are seeing a big time slow down approaching the downtown region. if you an, trr to avoid the area aatall costs his morning. if not, allow yourself a lot of extra time. as far as the main lines, it's slowing doon n 95, in factt 773 nilee per hour right now moving -- miles per hour moving thrrugh whitemarsh and 17 miles per hour. traveling at liberty road, we -ave a fair hare of volume, outer loop lanes. that's a look at thhemorning travels. patrice, back ovee to ou.
7:48 am
partisan agreement eetends3 unemployment benefits and thee33 bush era tax cuts. that's the quustion of the day. should the bush
7:49 am
7:50 am
sn. in exchange for keeping the tax cuts, they agreed to extend jobless benefits for another 13 months. the ppesident acknowledges thhre's parts the plan that he opposites but it was neceesary to make a compromise. that brings us to the question of the day. should theebush era tax cuts bb extenddd? you on first caller is shawnada in highlann town. what do you think. >> i believe that it should be
7:51 am
extended. i'm one ight now, who is looking orward to mm unemployment because i can't find a job. ú% okay. >> and i have a little boy. christmas issnot going to come to this house this year. >> we wish you theebest finding3 somethinn. thank you for calling n?ú >> let's go to rich in brooklyn, good morning, rich. >> yes, good morning. >> what do you think should the jobless benefits and the tax cuts booh have been extended. >> i mean theeprogram is set up, unfortunately, i have een unemployment seveeaa times when my beeefits ran out, i had to go out and get a job if i didn't get a jjb, i to go on welfare. so in order for the richhto get ú%tax break and for unemployyent to go thrrugh, i believe t shouldn't happen. >> thank you so much, rich. let's go to tracy in >> yes.3 >> we have two callers other either side of the issue.ú where dd you stand, should they
7:52 am
have been extendee?ú >> i think so. >> why is that? >> i have been out of work in out six months ago and therees not going to be a hristmas either, either. ú% and the jobs. >> no jobs at all..3 the best of luck for you as %-let's take a look t facebook. i know ii cecil and harrord counties the jobs are few and the appliccnts many. there just aren't enoogh jobs tt go around. i'm glad to see this happening. people need something to llve off of so far as long aa they're seeking employment. >> chrystal says no, the onger we hold off to these tax cuts the more we wiil have to put out in taxes at one time. as far as unemployment goes, it3 should be better mmnageddand3 distribute as to those who are we have another chrystal wh3 ú%ighhd in and saystess uufortunate that theepresident was forced to negotiate. the bush tax cuts should not be
7:53 am
extended. no proof after 10 years that the trickle down eefect works. thank you for your calls anú ccming up later a second 5--larm fire breaks out in baltimore where ii's affecting your morning commute and how long firefighttrs ave been battling the blaze. and raisinggthe gas tax. why tte idea could become reality here in maryland. and the alternative
7:54 am
7:55 am
if you are heading to grandma for the holidays, it's going to cost you. analysts re predicting we could be paying $3 a gallon for gas by %--n top of that new gas taxx3 could drive uu the prices even more. del et padelegate pat mcdonougs
7:56 am
-oining us. the governor promisee he wouldn't raise taxes but dd you think he will have a change of hearr. >> i think the governor and the delegation is going to have to look at everythinn and put everythhng on the table to find out how we get out of this dilemma we're in. when we starr traaeling this winter through the holidayy, even though gasstaxes may need to raise, everything needs to bb -ublic safety. >> that is where a lot of crist. the gas tax hasn'ttbeen touched sinceethe '90s and but aacohhl tax hasn't been touched since the 55ss delegate mcdonough do you when you'reelooking to tax. the governor said he would not introduce a tax.
7:57 am
-hat is political tax. -hatthh eans is if the general assembly brow doeses a tax, like a gas tax, he will sign itt ú%is is the proolee with the politians innannapolis to raise taxes. they're suffering tough economic tiims and they want to raise the taxes oo working people and the poor beeause of the gasoline.ú now iffyyu want to solve the problem, stop the spending. for example, take the $1 billioo that thhy have proposed for the red line and the blue line, the light raii system, put a motor yum, get that off the tabbe and stoopstealing money from the trrnsportation fund for pet prooects. do that and maybe we can hhve a. >> even if we stop theesphending the ddficit the $8000million surplus that was coming is not going to come in. >> we are speeding money on ooen
7:58 am
ssaces to the tune of $114500 aú year. number 2, we're spending a lot of money on like the blle rail line and the red rail line, that is over $1 million a day..3 we have $7 billion in nfunded transportation projects that are planned. it's alllgot to be put on hold. >> that is 1 of the reasonn senate president mike miller say they need this ax increase to help thh state's dwindling transportation fund. delegate barns is this needed to keep it going. we got to be realisticcthat the federal fonts aren't going t-- aren't gging to be thhre for us. if we are going to maantain our infrastructure we need too3 maintain nother soorre of revenue. the gasoline tax and the alcohol tax, everything has to be on the if we're going to get out of this catchh22 that we're n. stand up for the money and the fuuds from the federal we are to be creative and we are
7:59 am
have not been taxed innyears to say, hey, now -- everybody must ppy their fair share. you, which aaenue is bbst. do you think it's the alcohol,ú where can you ttugh touch. >> i thiik you need to look at public safety. eduuation and the alcohoo tax hasn't bben raised in yeaas. that definitely needs to put on the front unkerr to main tin our infr infrastruue we need tt look at an incident 3 increase from rrvenue for the survival oo our state. >> this is he same governor and the same politician who during this past electiin promised he people there woulddbe no taa increase aftee the election. >> we will see what happees. delegate, thank you so much. coming up in the 8:00 hour, it's that time of day agaan.ú stay tuned for your chance o
8:00 am
win a prrsent from under our tree.3 %-has been followed by another.3 i'm jolt
8:01 am
8:02 am
baltimore is burning. first the 5-alarm fire erupts on the block..3 girls trying tt get dressed in thh street, i mean, unning nnw a 5-alarm fryer is -- 3 is bllzing in mount vernon. there'ssstill a 25-inch hd t.v. under there. it's ouurcountdown toochristmas.
8:03 am
your chance to win a gift ffom good morning. it's ttesday, december 7th.3 i'm patrice harris. two major 5-alarm fires rip through baatimorr, one consumes the block. the other still going on right now in mount vernon. we're bringing you live team coverage of the sstuation all amoomorning long. megan gilliland is livv at mouut vernon where they're still ú%okinn to make sure ttere's no hotspots at yesterday's ire. joel d smith ii live at the fire we will get to them in a coople of minutes. school closings to pass along to ú%u. hooddcollege ii closed because of a watermain break. garrett county schools all of
8:04 am
ttem are closed becauue of theú. p>> let's get check of ur forecast ccoser to this area.ú meteorologiit steve fertig is here and no snow, but it could be coming. >> yeah, winter arrives officcally in two weeks, %-winter has arrived to garrett county.ú >> they are gooig to see a foot county. flurries, but as you are alluding to. >> i heard you say itt the chance we have a poteetial ssow event coming on -unday later in the day. we will be looking at that later in the morning. it's definitell cold and windy, too. 24 in hagerstown.úú%n chillier. look at oakland, 10 degrees 15-25--mile-an-hour winds gusting to 30.ú it may include a couple of flurries to the western most parr of the staae but to the western part of maryland that we're most concerned and have a
8:05 am
7:00 p.m. until the rest of us, cold, 37 degrees, but feeling like the 200 with the 5-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 25. wha>> reporter:: what a morning. a 5-alarm fire in mount vernon. we can show you what theearea crews counssll continue to invee the situation. smokk is coming out of the building. it's been an inccedible sight3 this morning and a trickyyride because of many road closures. right now charles street and cathedral and eggert all ofid those blocked. ú%ll, we're still dealing with a 5-alarm fire yesterday and that is beeween baltimore street, you will find that blocked between sooth and gay. -ou will find oad closures along holiday, commerce, fayette
8:06 am
and guilford venue. quite a messsin the downtown regiin. try to avooddit aa all costs. onnthe outer looo lanes, it's going to be a slow go. ú%at'' a look at the morning tramps. patrice, over to you. we are cootinuing toofoolow that breaking news we have been talking about all morning out of mount verron. in that area of a major 5-alarm fire. thii fire happened just hours after another 5-alarm 5 ripped d through the ciiy. and at this poin poiit we don'te flames, joel. >> reporter: as soon s you said that, i did see a flare up 5 minutes ago. we thought the flames were overú and they are not. top of this. it started at 1:30 this morning. it's been a long day for the folks who deall with that onee3 down the block and came over here.
8:07 am
heee.ú have you seee something like this before, with two, 5-alarms in ttis shorr period of time? >> in my 25 years in fire department i have not experienced 2, 5-alarm fires in less than 17 hours. it'' been quite a day or the firefighters to battle these ffres. >> reporter: i know e don't have a ause yet here, but can buildings is in right now for the futureeand still whattis left to do inside. >> our firefighters have mmde ú%gnificantly progress. the fire is under control. we have light hotspots that we're still extinguishing. they will taaeehand lines and enter each level of this building to maae ure that all fire is completely extinguished. ú%ey will work with the oonerr to get the building restored. >> reporter: you're looking -t 802, and 804 north charles street.ú would ou sayyit's a total loss?
8:08 am
tthre's significant damagg to the structure. the roof collapsed as a result of the fire burniig throughhthe roof. >> reeorter: it went alllthe way up and that's why they''e staying on top of it ffom above3 after initialll attacking it from inside. donna's coffee shop is in there and the thai restaurant. overall threeeinjuries, a couple %-knee injury and chest painss everyone is expected to be okay. ú%at issthe best news here. ú%'s been a tough day ffr these firefighters, 2, 5-alarm firefighters in a matter of 1773 hours as you heard. >> as joel just mentioned this fire comes aftee another 5-alarm fire ripppd thrrugh dowwnown ballimore yesterdayy the maasivenesssof that fire,úce worring at east baltimore and holiday trret since yesterday afternoon shutting down that ú%rt of the city for hours. there making sure there's no flare-ups. megan gil illiland is live wite latest on how all oo this may
8:09 am
majorrinteeruption vors we have >> reporter: we have seen that some of these businesses have signsson tte door that they are closed for business ttday. you can see why. morning. pooice are still on the scene and firemen were inside of the building earlier today. they have been ooking for hotspots or flare-ups. we have not seen ffames from 7:00 last night. the major issue is the safety you can see not in good shape.g debris left all over the rood. than we saw yesterday. the builddng going up in ffames jumping from the roof of aú 3-stooy building here at the corner of east baltimore and holiday street when crewws arrived before 4:00. it was too daagerous forrthe firefighters to o inside. they usee ladders and raness3 pouring water on tte buildiig and attacking it from inside. %-lot of them strip clubs came
8:10 am
running oot. %-running out the building half naked, everything and within minutes it's just flamed up really bbd. >> girls trying to get dreesed in the stteet. i mean running across the street butt naked just trying to get %-i mean running out the doors d you know, the smoke was eveeywhere. >> that smoke could e seen all across baltimmre. amazingly no one hurt in this fire. of courre, the investigation into what caused still going on. live downttwn this morning, megan gilliland, fox 45 morniig news. twoofireeighterssarr hurr3 while battling a blaze in baltimoreecounty. it happened before 2:30 this ú%rning at wood lawn. ooficials say flames broke out in a home uuder constructionn two fireeighters fell hrough the floor while trying to puu them out. one went to the hospital with minor injuries. theeother was just shaken up. the cauue of thh fire remains under investigation. an over heattd pipe is to
8:11 am
blame for theefire that claimed. apartment buiidinn on friday when it caught fire. that over heaaeddwas part of a wood stove.3 the two students reportedly made phonn calls to 911 saying theyy3 were trapped in the building. %-he was wanted by enter pol inr rape and assaulttcharges. ú%sange is due to appear in there's a deal on the table tax cuts and unemploymentú benefitss the bipartisannagreement was3 worked out monday ii exchange for keeping the tax breaks for the wealthiest americans. gop lawmaaers agreed to extend jobless benefits for nother 13 months. there's no word on legislation
8:12 am
cominggup the alleged other woman in eva longoria's and tony parker's marriige is speaking out. role in splitttng thh two up. and snow in decemberriss'' too unusual since we average 4 inches a monnh. i think you will remember one
8:13 am
8:14 am
133on this thursday -orning. for snow and more than a potential for garrett county3 which has seen a half of a footú ú% snow anddseeing a foot to a laae-effect snow with the recent lake-effect snow helpiig out -here.ú take a look at what we have thhough rest of the area pretty dry. meanwhile we re keeping our eye on the low pressure cennerrthht will be moving in our ddrection for sunday lattr in the day then. if it takes an inside track we will get tteewaam side of the low. if it moves up thh ccast, more like a typical nor'easter,,then it's a snow event we're looking at into sunday into monday. right nnwwit's lookinggmore llke a rain vent. -e ggt the colddcoming in today, a cold windy day as the but dealing with thee20s. here is a reason why. -igh pressure building in from the south and east may help move that inland aad that means more
8:15 am
a westerly track and the better -otential for rain. let's not let our guard down. there's a chance for a rain-ssow mix or a rain event. it's something we needdto watch closely. 29 degrees in baltimore. up in hagerstown 24, and 10 deggees only in oakland and it's feeling a lot cooler because tte winds aae gusting at 25-30 miles er hourr ú% could gust higher later. we have tempeeatures feeling like they're 5 below out in oakland where the snow is -alling. and cold enough even where it's ddy and 36 degrees should do it %-15-25--ile-an-hour wind gustig to 35. ii will make it feel, as i said like it's in the 0s. tonight 32 degrees, a cold windy night, still 15-25-mile-an-hour tomorrow the winds die out but going to be breezy. and temperatures into the 40s for friday,,saturday, and sunday %-rain we think.keep the plain
8:16 am
at night would be a chance of snow miiing ii s the temperatures drop. 35 for the high on monday as we dry out foo the afternoon. the roadways. candace dold is back with a ú%eck on the traffic edge. >> reporter: we continue to follow a 5-alarm 5 at mount vernon. can he seeewhat it -- we can see what it looks like right now. smoke coming out of that building. a llt of roads blocked as a result of this. you will find that at center street,,and madison, cthedral and eggert. you can try to use the jfx, unfortunattly it's going to be a busy ride into the downtownn3 region..33 we are still dealing with the investigation of yesteeday's 5-alarm fire and thaa shuts down baltimore between south and gay street. and fayette, ad commerce street you can usii's going to take yog
8:17 am
time to gee through the downtown region. back to you. tte holiday spirit is in tte air here on fox 45. ú% are ccunting down to christmassall the way up to the ú%g day. we have a stack of gifts that we have under you on tree that we are giving to our viewers. you can win one right now if you're thee10th caller at (410)481-4545. coming up there's no price tag on love r issthere?
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[ music playing, children talking ] nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts. get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'.
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er. ab alleged home wrecker speaks ut. a pop star dishes on her divorce and some celebrities try to make their way back to the land of
8:20 am
it's tabloid tuesday. >> christina aguilera spills thú beans about her divorce, kind of. mitt that she -- dmits that she wasn't happy and neither was her husband. i find it hard to believe that -er alleged relationship that stemmed froo the her new movie it. that's her story and she isisticking tissticking to it. weejust want to knnw, didn't she learn from britney? dancinn in the background. the breakup of her marriage. she didn't say she didn't have anything to do with hs. she word it had very carefully, buu we know how to read between the lines. er inclaims she didn't pursueú tony parker but she ssopped far
8:21 am
from saying she is not the other woman. they are getting divorced at the tony and evaa ar are remaining tight-lipped. shh looks happier than ever finally confirming the rumors about their elationship and debunning the ones about him abusing her. they were spotted hand in hand at a mexican beech, wwere hh got her a private villa. good luck to brrt me. we hope heedoesn't make her shave her leg or hit her with an you wilanumbrella. >> his wwfe beyonce dropped $2 millloo on his present. what else could she have otten the man whh spends a $1 milliin
8:22 am
unlike the dionn beyonce pregnay buzz, we will stamp that rumor true. %-my may man snoop ddggg dated yact, or th!! jacket or ta ddidas. he supposed this in his shoes is the fact that he did it wearing a fussy little fish hat. much pinach juice. that's yyur tabloids tuesday, you next week.ctor, i will see coming up two major fires rip througg bbltimore just hours apart.3 putting out the flames. and we have our countdown to
8:23 am
christmas winner on the phoneú picking ouu their present from under our tree. if you missed being the winner this time, don't worry. you sttll have another chance to win latee this hour. 8:22 is the time..3 you are watching fox 5 morning news, all local all morning.
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get for results in less time. you can trim down your waistline and your workout time. danny lee from gold's gym is here with this morning's get fit for fox. -p>> you brought the dumbbbll f3 dumbbell domination. >> that's right.
8:26 am
>> this sounds crucial. >> it works off 20 to 40 minutes. i i'm going to demonstrate a couple of exercises complete as many rounds aa posssble in theú least amount of ime. >> let's see. >> the first one is dumb bells. going to be compound exercises where we're working more than we want youuto come down andú shoot straaght up just like ttis. ú%u are going to complete 20 each side and then i'm going to switch the ooher side. >> what are you working? >> the core, the arms, shoulders and a little bit of your leg. >>from there we're goinn to alternate lunges to bicep curll this is working your whole looer body as well as the biceps. >> how many do you do of these. >> 20.3 >> you want to work the muscle groups at full capacity. when you get to 20, you should bb dying.
8:27 am
we will upward, and we're going to comeedown aad come up.3 20. >> they're not funn >> these are working your whole core, your shoulders and lowwr3 body, everything we're going to switch, 20, the ooher side and the same deal. >> okay. %-to do a dead lift.e are going we're goinggto come down and keep the back straighh. >> okay? so you're going to do all of those and that is one round. you will want tookeep as minimally as posssble, and complete as many rounds as possible. because you're saying we'rep, going for 30 minutes. how often should you do this? >> something like this i would once a month. >>the next time you should be3 able to increase. >> increase.ú >> yeah, 15 rounds through in a half hour, then you want to shoot for 15, 17, and try to beat your record once a month. >> beaa how many times you can do it in 33 minutes, not necessarily increase the weight or both? >> if you notice you'reú
8:28 am
increasing your rounds more than 5 or 6 rounds. >> then you need to go ith more weeght. >> pump up your weight a little bit. >> dumbbell domination, danny, thank you. >> no problem. forrmore information og on to p>> coming up ballimore is %-two massive ffres. how crews are taking control of the flames that started just -p and w are giving away moe presents from underneath our stay tuned for your next chance to win. a 28:00 i!!8:28 is the time. you are watching ffx 45 morning news, all local all morning. ñç
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8:30 am
8:31 am
imhwelcome back to fox 45 morning news. i'm patrice harrrs. two major 5 alarm fires roped through baltimorement one consumed a block hat happened yesterday. one is going on at mount vernon. we're bringing you live team morning long. megan gilliland is stilllat mount vernon where they're still putting out hotspots and making sure nothing flares up. and joel d smith is at the fire that erupted last nightt ww will be with them inna couppl of minutes. mood colleg -- hood colleges closee because of a watermain break. and all of the garrett schools are closed because of the snow in western maryland. they're probabll ussd to it.
8:32 am
they get snow early every year. >> probably. >> the lake-effect snow hitting the higher elevations is going to produce more snow. people are asking, is that coming our way at the central part of the state? ú%e sans is, maybe a couple of flurries today but therr's a chance for snow as we get later in the day on suuday. if you're not toward garrett countt you're dealing with the cold temperatures. it's 29 degrees for baltimooe and the same for d.c. and oakland where the snow continues toofall and 5 beeow zero is what it feels like in oakland with the wwnds factored in. it feels like 9 in baltimore and about the same for washington and salisbury. everyone feeling the chill even flakes and a little bit more in the way of loud cover and some snow to the west and a littleú bit less to he east as far as cloud cover. the winter storm warning continues toniggt through garrett countyyat 6:00 p.m. it will feel like 20s.
8:33 am
i'm pretty certain when you factor the 15-25--ile-annhour winds gusting to 35. you take a look at the chance of snow coming your way. right now con das dold has the trafficked -- candace dold has the trafficcedge. in mount ernon a 5-alarm fire. we caa show you what the area looks like. you can see the snow continuing to come out of that building. the crews remain on this scene. a lot of activity. it shuts down charles street between center and eggert ssreet. you wiil find road closures and if that isn't bbd enoogh, we're. dealing with the invvstigation as of yesterday's 5 alarm fire. it shutssdown ballimore street between south and gay and along -ommerce and fayette avenue. there's a list on the bottom of screen at the morning news ticker. be aware, approaching the downtown area, it's going to be a difficult ride.
8:34 am
that's a look at the morning3 travels. patrice, back over to you.3 we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of mount vernon. there's been no rest for the city fire garment overnight. oveenight. firecrews are on the scene oo a fire which ccmes hours after another 5-alarm fire. it seems as though things ave calmed down a llt since thiss3 morning. >> reporter: it's calm down, bbt thh thing is every timm it looks like they're hitting the end of this and going inssde and knocking down ssme areas they're something flares up on top again. we have seen flames going throogh the rooffwithin the ast you're looking at 802, and 804 north charles street. ii the bottom you may be fam with donna's ccffee bar and a
8:35 am
thai restaurant, and office3 space above. no one was hurt during this. it happened overnight. they're trying to put out not just hotspots ut actual ffamee ttat keep erupting from the roof within the last 5 minutes we have seen more. it happened at 1:30 in the morninn. %-can you imagine after facing 5-alarm laze yesterdaa. the same people that dealt with that, had to come back and try to go after this one. arrived had they first thee are ttinking it tarted in the lower floors and went up the building. initially they went insiie to try to attack it from insidd. then they went up top to try to get it from a above. that is when they decided to do. %-you compare the two 5-alarm fires that happened within a 17 hour span. >> we till have the heavy wind conditions which fuels the fire as well. so it has presented a bit of a challenge, but one good thing is thattour firefighters are built
8:36 am
tough. they're up for the challenge and few more hours. >> reporter: thht was from a couple of hours ago trying to keep their sense of humor here if they can. someeof thess guys look very tired when they left here. it's a cold conditions here, which means a lot of ice. we have seen some people go down. only a few minor injuries. one person had chest pains, a firefighter taken tt the also a pprson with a knee injury, nnthing major there. mmre than 200 firefighters fighting this, some were at 5-alarm fire yesterday. mount vernon, fox 45 morning news. this mount vernnn fire comes after another 5-alarm fire ripped through downtown baltimore. loolooking at the video you cane how plays sieve i massive it wa. this mornnng the crews are still out there makiig sure therr's no flare-ups. megan gilliland is live with the latest on how all of this could affect businesses downtown today and i know many of them had to
8:37 am
close down, good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. a lot of them are hoping o open thhs afternoon but still closedú here this morning. so far in flare-ups seen since 7:00 last night but the of course, the block shutdown n every direction. police bllcking off altimmre street and every alley trying to to it. right now the big issue is the independent gree of this -- ints building that caught fire yesterday. there's sut and pieces of this building and glass all over the place. this is a better scene than we saw yesterday. take a look at the this video. as the building goessup in flames jumping from the roof of a 3 story uilding at east baltimore street anddholiday street. now when crews arrived beeore 4:00, it was too dangerous for them to go inside. they used lldders, they used cranes, pouring water on the building aad attacking it from the outside. meantime, people inside the building on the block came running out. some of them strippers, half
8:38 am
clothed soon fire and smoke forced evacuations of two city buildings including the adjacent building that houses the fire department head quarterss >> t wassconfused. i didn't know if it was our building or the building behind us and concerned for any people that might be inside. >> the sky was to black. >> reporter: and that smoke could be seen across the city. i know i saw it from my own rooo deck. what is amazing is that no one was hurt from all of this. the cause still undee investigation. we're hoping to learn a little -e have seen crews starting to mmke their way back into the building this morning. we'reelive downtown, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 morning news. if you see breaking news, see it, shoot it and send it. to our website. gooto and click on the ee it, shoot itt send it icon. you can send photos directly from your cell phone at pics at you can see more of the fire
8:39 am
video online. just go to and click on raw news. coming p, saluting the men and women who keep you safe. what dunkin donuts are doing to say thanks to police officers. it's the most wonderful time of the year, or is it? some of the most stressful situations people face this time
8:40 am
8:41 am
there are a few spotsswe need to watch toward the north around mason dixon line. could be a coupleeof flurries around. that is not the case out to the west where thhre's a lot more than that moving into garrett we could have 2 feet of snow there with the lake-effect snow coming off lake erie. we will get a little bit of activity back to the west while the rest of us, we are going to have to waii a little bit, but not too long. maybe by sunday we will e talking about significant snow for the rest of the us. meanwhile there's aawinter storm warning continuing for garrett county. as i said, it's the system that could be bringing us a significant snow fall for the rest of the year. into monday, i think right now it does appear that it's taking
8:42 am
more of an inside track and that woull mean more rain as we are center.low side thh low pressure if this comes up as a nor east either, it could be bringing us -- nor'easter, it could be a bit of a mix actually. we will get the cold aii to move in today. ooce again it continues to be a northwesterly flow that moves in our direction and that northwesterly flow is bring us winds up around 15-25 miles per high pressure is going to have a lot to say about the track of that low pressure center that starts to head in our direction t may very well help to steer it more to the west. that would be more rain. 29 degrees for baltimore, 29 for ddc and 29 in salisbury. 24 in hagerstown. the winds are up around 15-25 miles per an hour. righttnow the 10--mile-an-hour wind in baltimore. we have had gusts aroundd 5 to nearll 30 miles per hour and thaa will be the story for the3 afternoon, too where we will be look at how cold it feees in
8:43 am
oakland. 7 below zero. we're headed towaad 36 degrees for the high today. a cold one with a 15-25-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 35. that will make it feel like it's in the 20s instead. %-20s, at 22 degrees for thee low, the 15-25-mile opinion or hour wind will make it feel like single digits again..3 still breezy if not as windy. we're bacc in the 40s riday, saturday and sunday. that will help keep it just flan plain rain for that event. we gettup to 27 for the high on monday. of course, we will be watching the track of that snow carefully as get to the imeframe. right now cans dealed as -- candace dold with the traffic edge. thank you, steve. we continue to follow the development story of a 5-alarm fire at mount vernon. we dealing with it bbokk at 5:30. it is still impacting the area.
8:44 am
ride here on the bel beltway at greenspring avenue. as far as the actual ffre is concerned in mount vernon, there's a lot of road closures to report. in fact, ou will find them along charms street that is between ceeter and eggert street and madison cathedral and eggert street in the area. have to deal with another fire. the investigation of yesterday'ú 5-alarm fire along baltimore street. thattis completely ssutdown between south and gay. are also blocked in thh vicinity. it's not going to be an easy drive, allow extra time and seek alternate roots including the jfx. tte jfx is going to be a heavy go. in fact the actual speeds right now 41 miles per hour near rux ton road. belt which and 95 scooting through whitemarsh. back over to you. thank yoo, candace, it's the countdown to christmas here at
8:45 am
fox 45. every daa from now to christmasú eve, we're giving away gifts from under our tree and the first winner of the day is sherri from sparrow's point and this is the gift that she chose for us to unwrap. good morning, sherri. good morning. >>happy holidays to you? >> thank you and merry christmas to you. >> i'm diving right in to see what it is that you have. oh, sherri. ú%saw one of these in the ads and i hought, wow! this is for a real sports fanatic. are you a sports fan? >> yes, yes. >> well, here you go. you get a toaster. this is the pro toast toaster. ittwill cook your favorite nfl team logo on to your toasts. >> cool. my son will rrally love that. >> of course we're all ravens fans, and this is a baltimore ravens toaster that retails for $39.99. you can get it at model as and they're showing you the other teams on the front. we do not want to see that.
8:46 am
here is the ravens logo if you can see that one right theee. thaa is what your toast wwll look like from now on. enjoy breakfast. >> thank you. >> all right sherri.ú >> if you didn't win this time, don't worry. we have an entire stack of gifts we are giviig away to our %-eve.s alllthe way to christmas you can win one right now if you're the 4th or 5th caller at (410)48114545. coming up don't let the stress of the holidays turn you into a scrooge. time saving tips to help make and and stay tuned as we hope ♪ have a better day... [ male announcer ] with new breakfast melts. try the sunrise subway melt®, or the melt-tastic breakfast b.m.t. on flatbread. they're melted goodness made irresistibly delicious, get yours starting at 7am. subway. build your better breakfast.
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8:48 am
 p>> they're the men and women who keeppyou safe. this month dunkin donuts is3 saluting police officers.
8:49 am
donuts is herr this morning. what does that mean, you're >> every tuesday, mid-december -ree medium coffee. all they have to do is in their uniform and they will get a free coffee. >> every month you do a different group. >> it's our way of being a part -f ommunity and thanking3 everyone for doing tha what the. >> i'm sure hey appreciate: i want to talk about the biggest dunkin ddughnut contest. i'm going to have to call jimmy. he is the one of the guys who works here. he is the practical jocker but he was in the competition to be the ultimate fan. i don't know of anybody who is more of a fan. let's take a look at the video that you submitted. do we have that? ú% ♪ >> all right.
8:50 am
visiting all of these different dunkidunkin doughnuus. >> 25 years when we got married we went and the 25 years later we did the same trip my goal was to end up in massachusetts where it's the first dunkin donuts. it's ready to come up now. there it is. >> this is how he spent his ú%niversary. you know he is a dunkin doughnut fan. >> my husband surprised me to quincy, massachusetts to see the first dunkin donuts. >> there's my lovelyywife. >> around, we don't see that in signatures of all of the famous -eople that come to the station, but you collect them on all the
8:51 am
dunkin donuts cups. >> the first ne started with magic johnson as kind of a joke. >> and it grew from there. >> i got 300 right now. >> you are mr. dunkin do you --n do you nut. >> he was first place, he wasn't the ultimate but jimmy you're our ultimate. for more information you can log on tt coming up don't fool ֖֖֖֖֖
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ it comes along just once a year ♪ ♪ on winters wings, decembers rear, ahha humbug faces come and dear ♪ ♪ then appears at perfect christmas time. ♪ ♪ a tiny tree, christmas, tinsel, the lights ♪ ♪ the star that sings, top your tiny tree, yeah ♪
8:54 am
7 out of 10 americans report that money is a significant source of stress. before you turn into a scrooge, make a list and check it twice. deleeate taskses, reevaluate %-other things yoo do every year you don't really enjoy, then crrss them off of you are list. set realistic gift goals. even young children can be made3
8:55 am
to budget. plan easy dinners. freeze casseroles for a quick biie on a busy night and take time for yourself so you can take better care of others. finally if this time of year is less than magical for you, take a break from the holiday hoopla. coming up, deck the studios with presents galore. we have a countdown for the christmas. if you missed being a winner, don't worry, because we're ú%ving away presents from today to christmas eve. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning.
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it's our countdownnto christmas here on fox 45, every day from now to christmas eve, we're giving away all the gifts we have under our tree. our winner right now is corey from glen burnie. this is the ift he chose. good morning, corey. >> i'm great, had you ar how ar? i'm great. >> let's see what corey won. maybe you know somebody who will apppeciate this. >> this is monster high. it'ssgordon and cally chloeeow t aae perso personalize. >> he has to find somebody else to play with these. >> our next winner is natera
8:59 am
from baltimore. good morningg are you on the phone with us. >> good mooning, happy holidayy. >> and this is a gift chose to unwrap so we're going to get right to it. and look at thi at this. i ove this. peanuts classic. i charlie brown chrrstmas, this retails for $42.98. >> con gro talcongratulations. >> if you didn't win the thii morning, stay tuned for your chance to win.3 it's going to be cold and windy today. temperatures will moderate nto the 40s by this weekend but we're watching the potential for a snow maker for the end of the week sunday later in the day.ú there's a chance we will be watching the track of that storm. >> i want to give a gift back. >> take a great day.


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